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  2. topical list of papers on 3D IC since 2006

    • 3D ICs for Space Applications
    • 3D IC Test Chip Development
    • Buffering and Signal Integrity for 3D ICs
    • Chip/Package Co-design for 3D ICs
    • Clock Routing for 3D ICs
    • Cooling 3D ICs with Microfluidic Channels
    • Design-for-Testing for 3D ICs
    • Electromigration in 3D ICs
    • Face-to-Face Bonded 3D ICs
    • Floorplanning and Placement for 3D ICs
    • Future 3D IC Design Study
    • Interconnect Prediction for 3D ICs
    • Low Power Design Methods for 3D ICs
    • Mechanical Stress Issues in 3D ICs
    • Monolithic 3D IC Design and Analysis
    • Other Topics in 3D ICs
    • Parasitic Extractions for 3D ICs
    • Power Delivery Issues in 3D ICs
    • Routing for 3D ICs
    • Sub/Near-Threshold 3D IC Design